Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TWD, French Pear Tart (aka: I can't believe I made something so delicious!!)

Well it's a big week here in Tuesdays with Dorie, as this week our recipe was chosen by the baker extraordinairre, la grande dame herself, Dorie Greenspan! Her choice was her French Pear Tart. It's a big week in this household as well, more on that later! First, let's talk tart:

Now with all the blogs in the roll, not sure that she'll find her way through to my little world, yet even still, just the thought of making a recipe this week that was chosen by Dorie herself sort of made me feel like she was coming over to the house to share it--like I was making it FOR her...I was really looking forward to tackling the tart and kept my fingers crossed the whole time that I would have a decent photo for this week!

I am jumping to the end because I am giddy over the outcome--I swear, I have never baked anything that tasted as good as this tart. That almond cream and the tart crust combo...it's superb...it's sublime...it's perfect! I can't believe I made this! I really was proud, I have to say!

Now, backing up a bit--It was a fun recipe to make, and I did so on Sunday late afternoon...I liked the back and forth and pauses in between--made for an easy time actually. While the shell baked, I put together the almond cream. While the shell cooled, I made Dear Husband and I dinner...and while we ate dinner, meanwhile the shell, the cream and the pears were turning themselves into one big meld of yummy goodness in the oven!

The only substitutions I made were a 9.5" pie plate in lieu of a tart pan, and the stand mixer in lieu of food processor for the pastry dough. (I had dough issues with the food processor and dough making during rugelach week--it's just not quite big enough I think is the issue). I may have overworked it a bit as I would not call the texture 'granular' when it came out of the bowl and putting it into the pie plate...but the end result was tasty once put together with the other elements. I loved how the almond cream puffed up a bit and just hugged the pears....I'm sorry, I know I sound like a broken record (or 'skipping CD' for the younger crowd), but truly this is a bit of heaven on earth.

The pears were a slight issue--only because my canned pears were quartered, not halved...so it made for smaller pieces. I tried to arrange them best I could in the spoke-type formation, and I think next time I would put more on top, maybe in a different pattern so every bite is sure to get a good ratio of pear to the almond cream (have I mentioned the almond cream? Someone, please pass me the almond cream...)

Dear Husband was quite thankful for the tart this week after having to sit out my very first cheesecake last week, and so I was thrilled that he loved this as much as I do. Honestly, I can't see anyone 'not' liking this.

Dorie, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your book, your ability to make things seem so easy and un-intimidating to try and for this tart! I can already see myself impressing people with this next time we have friends over! As I type this up Monday evening, we have just enjoyed Day 2 of your formidable French Pear Tart! Vive la almond cream!!

(a.k.a Lisa is a Baker--with a Bun in the Oven!)
I am happy, thrilled, scared a bit, and just overall excited to report, that God willing, come July 15th (or thereabouts) Dear Husband and I will be parents!!! I'm 13 weeks along, and New Year's Eve we had a 12 week ultrasound and marveled at the little one growing in me (I guess one plus about being over 35 and labeled "high risk" are the extra ultrasounds I receive!) So our holidays were extra special this year as we had fun spreading the happy news, were so overwhelmed with everyone's excitement for us, and an already merry time of year was extra-merry. And so far, knock wood, I've not been nauseous--just super tired! (thus the reason for the post when I was MIA a month or so back! I was dead on my feet and had no energy!)


The Food Librarian said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! On the baby and the great looking pie! :) Really, congratulations to you and your husband.

Jules Someone said...

Mazel tov! Nice looking tart and great news!

Lady Baker said...

THANK you so much!
OK this is so odd-I typed the post tonight and THOUGHT I delayed the post until midnight and just logged out--but it posted anyway! Too funny...Maybe my time zone is off or something...anyway I was laughing seeing replies already--I hadn't realized it posted! Thanks for the kind congrats! :)

n.o.e said...

Awww, how could you wait to the end of the post to share the news??? How fun, and I'm envious of your ultrasounds. Back in the dark ages when I was pregnant, my OB wouldn't do one unless circumstances were dire. Congratulations!!!

And your tart is stunning. Vive the almond cream indeed! That stuff was seriously delicious. I almost licked the fp blade (and we all know how stupid that would have been)

Blogger is weird about publishing things unexpectedly, imo. I'm glad it's up so I have something to read while mine is waiting to post!
The Dogs Eat the Crumbs

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!!! I wish you and your husband the best!

Your tart looks yummy!

kim said...

ooh, CONGRATS on the new baby!! :) that is so wonderful. wishing you the best of health. and the pie looks gorgeous too! :)

Cathy said...

Wooo hooo! You know how thrilled I am for you, and now thrilled for me that you are out of the closet so I don't accidentally spill the beans! You guys will be AMAZING parents, and that little one will be surrounded by love and laughter. And French Pear Tarts, baby! Because you nailed this one! I'm with you -- I never though it would be possible to make something so amazing. And it wasn't even all that hard! I feel like we have been let in on this fabulous secret!

Wish we were closer so that we could share a piece of this together!

What's for Supper? said...

Congrats! How exciting.

Flourchild said...

Oh a baby!!! COngrats..Im so happy for you all! Your tart turned out great and Im glad you liked it. I used my standing mixer and a pie plate too. It all came out fine! I would like to try making another one with a tart pan and placing the pears different on top.

Kayte said...

Gorgeous...you did a lovely job and I really like the way those slices look in your tart, something for me to do next time, I think...it makes the pieces smaller and less guilt-ridden! Nice post.

Cooking for Comfort by Jennifer said...

CONGRATULATIONS to you and your hubby! What fantastic news to share and such a wonderful way to start the New Year!

Your pie looks fantastic!

chocolatechic said...


Way to make this so cute.

TeaLady said...

YAY!!! Another Baker coming to the family. Your tart looks great. Congrats on both.

Leslie said...

You had me with the gorgeous tart/pie, and then I was almost in tears from your wonderful news. Congratulations!!

Matt said...

Congratulations! Babies are such a blessing, plus now you have another person to cook for. What a lucky child to have a mom who will put her heart and soul into nourishing her son or daughter's life!

Lisa magicsprinkles said...

YAY for you all the way around!!!

Swine said...

My condolences. Nine months without a martini? How will you cope? On the plus side, kids is funny.