Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ok, truly...I'm still trying!

OK, I've been awful with Tuesday posts, this I know...but there's a reason that has been taking up tons of time and mostly energy and sucking me away from baking... More on that in a few weeks...BUT the thing that really gets my parchment paper in a bunch is I WAS going to bake Sunday night, opened the pantry for the brand new container of "Baking Powder" that I grabbed from Trader Joe's the day before (my old one expired and I had thrown it out). Well, come to find out what I bought was NOT baking powder afterall. Now who, I ask you, WHO PUTS BAKING SODA IN A CONTAINER SHAPED JUST LIKE TRADITIONAL BAKING POWDER?! Yes, come to find out, I grabbed baking soda by mistake because I glanced at the shape of the container and did not read carefully...shame on me, but c'mon Joe, this is total BS (and for any kids out there in Blogger Land, by that I mean "baking soda"..)

Dear Husband looked at me, an emotional wreck..it was 7pm on a Sunday...offered to go out and get the right ingredient, which was just so sweet that I had to say no. (Though I think he his real motive was he wants these sugar cookies!)

Monday was no-go I had to work late...BUT then again..Tuesday is a long day--perhaps if I can get out of work on time...Who knows, maybe I'll get a post in by 11:59pm of the sugar cookies if I can make them quickly tonight!

I do plan to do major power baking (or should I say POWDER baking)---I've got a work cookie swap to plan for next week so there's no way I can go without baking for that!

Lisa is a (poor excuse for a) Baker

PS: Please, powers that be at TWD, don't take me off the blog roll yet--I promise, I'll be better in living up to my baking potential!!


Cathy said...

Okay babe, deep breath. Go put your feet up and send Dear Husband out for something better than baking powder, like ice cream. I can't believe Trader Joe's tricked you that way. I had been cursing my city for not having one, but now I'm almost feeling grateful -- who needs the aggravation of thinking you've bought powder and then finding out it was soda? And don't worry, from what I gather, TWD is all loosey goosey in December. They won't start cracking down until January, and who knows, maybe by then you'll have your energy back! But I will tell you that both these sugar cookies and the jam cookies are easy peasy, so if you end up feeling like making them, you should be able to whip them up in no time (especially if you go slice and bake rather than cut out on the sugar cookies!)

Kayte said...

OMW...I can't believe the soda/powder packaging...that is too cruel...I would never have thought to examine that canister either...LOL. A fun read today, thanks for the giggles.

Lisa magicsprinkles said...

The basteredz, although I was questioning the baking soda packaging the other day - who needs a box all opened and loose. Another container shape - NOT a cylinder - would be better. Sorry for the snafu.

The Food Librarian said...

Oh my gosh! Before I started reading, I saw the can and KNEW exactly what happened. This happened to me too! What's up Trader Joe's??!?! I love you, but this kills me. Now my soda and powder have big sharpie writing all over them. Here was my earlier post: http://foodlibrarian.blogspot.com/2007/05/here-comes-muffin-man-not.html

I sooo feel your pain!!! - mary the food librarian