Monday, March 1, 2010

My first "occassion" cake

We had my son's baptism this past weekend...finally...and I am happy to report that I faced down the scary "special occassion cake" demon and I went ahead and made the cake for our 30+ party myself. (How can I look anyone in the face and tell them I have a baking blog--and then ORDER a cake from a bakery? Just could not bring myself to do it)

I knew that it would come out looking quite home made--which it did...but it TASTED AMAZING! I used Martha Stewart's One Bowl Chocolate Cake, and my dear friend Cathy gave me the link to use for the buttercream frosting! I had the ultimate one-two knockdown punch going..everyone loved it! And I think it looked rather charming--if only because you can tell that it was home-made. It was a labor of love--I had so much fun planning this very special day and am still smiling at what a perfect day it truly was.


Susan said...

You did a wonderful job and should be proud!

Cathy said...

Lis! They cake is just so beautiful! A perfect cake for a sweet baby boy on his special day. Martha's one-bowl chocolate cake is my all-time favorite, and I love that frosting recipe - so easy, no messing with egg whites or cooking anything. I'll never buy canned frosting again!

Great job on the cake, my friend!